Xeelo GDPR covers 40 out of 45 GDPR articles that are relevant of organizations.

It gives organizations full proof of evidence of all GDPR activities they need to have in place after May 25, 2018.

From May 25, 2018 the EU GDPR will change the way companies have to process all individuals data (Customers, Employees, Partners and Suppliers). This will require new training for their employees, new legal contracts, new data privacy procedures and new data management processes for companies operating in any EU country.

What areas can you cover by Xeelo GDPR to become & stay compliant?

Register of Processing

With Xeelo GDPR, you can map all processing activities and identifying data processors, controllers and data subjects as well as categories of data and reasons why data is being managed. You can also create a new Risk anytime or set whether the data leaves EU etc.


Xeelo GDPR is ready to manage internal and external audits for GDPR, including an audit board, an audit coordinator and an audit team. It provides reports, logs with finding classification as outputs.

Risk Impact Assessment

Xeelo GDPR provides you with a support while performing a risk assessment. You can create a risk whenever needed, which can be further managed in the Risk Management.

External Requests

Xeelo GDPR can control all your external requests, giving you a proper visibility of received requests. The status of each request can be checked in real time or controlled automatically, so that the request will never be over due.


No matter if you plan an initial process evaluation or if you are going to run it repeatedly. Xeelo GDPR is ready to distribute forms with your questions to recipients, while the status is tracked all the time and their answers are being collected in one place for a future evaluation.


Xeelo GDPR helps you with managing various types of incidents and connected rules to ensure that appropriate actions were taken once an incident occurred. Xeelo also stores a complete evidence of what happened, who decided and how as well as which measures have been taken in order to solve the incident.

Change Requests

Anytime you need to change the way your systems are set up, you need to evaluate all potential impacts. This is what Xeelo GDPR helps with – providing full evidence of your requests and taken decisions.


Every organization should ensure that all its employees are properly trained and know how to handle personal data. Xeelo GDPR can give you evidence of who was invited for a training and ho attended it to prove you did everything in order to avoid an improper personal data usage.


Xeelo GDPR can manage the way how you share important documents with your employees. Instead of sending procedures & guidelines via e-mail, you can share it through Xeelo GDPR and have a full evidence of employees’ acceptances.

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